Caregiver Toolkit Find Out More Safe and Easy Swivel No Lift Patient Transfers A Proven Safe Patient Transfer Solution Picked #1 by Home and Nursing Facility Caregivers! Easy to Perform Transfers Caregiver Has Much More Control No More Pain and Injuries Training Techniques with Courses

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Mr Swivel's patient transfer device, along with a set of safe to use and easy to learn patient transfer techniques, finally provides the caregiver with a trusted solution. His personal experience of first being a caregiver for his wife with MS, and then training nurses nationwide has made Mr Swivel an expert in the field. He is here to share that experience with other patient caregiver's who are ready for a change.

Your Trusted SPHM Industry Experts

Medical Grade Tools and Time-Tested Training Principles in Caregiver Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Transfers.

Assess Transfers Properly

Learn to continually assess all risk factors and choose appropriate patient and material handling techniques.

Use Safe Transfers

Learn to perform safe body mechanics with safe patient transfers and tools.

Promote Consistent Techniques

Learn to properly transfer patients and promote consistent techniques in patient and equipment handling.

Reduce Transfer Injuries

Properly transfer the patient when needed without risking injury to caregiver and patient, while increasing overall transfer morale.

Get Started With The Swivel Caregiver Toolkit

Prepares Caregiver's for Performing Proper Patient Transfers

Includes the Swivel transfer disc, basic online membership with training videos, documentation and support for 1 year.