Mr Swivel has designed simple to learn and use patient transfers to be used with the swivel device.  These transfers with  the Swivel device equip and train caregivers with the skills and tools to safely transfer and move patients. These skills have proven to dramatically reduce no lift patient transfer challenges faced by home-care and healthcare staff and patients.  Custom Training Programs designed to fit any Hospital, Hospital Association, and Caregiver Facility safe patient handling requirements.

Our home and healthcare no lift patient transfers training includes a dozen special techniques for special situations to help you achieve confidence and satisfaction in caring for your loved one or patient. We offer videos and instructions to get you trained in the fundamentals of manual patient transfer. This training covers the key steps to make every transfer safe and easy.

Mr Swivel places the caregiver in full control of the patient transfers.  Learn the basic patient transfer techniques custom designed to be used with the Swivel


Includes the basic daily patient transfers performed by caregivers

Reduce Injuries to Caregiver Staff and Patients.
Reducing Total Injuries and Downtime Saves Considerable Annual Budget!

Reduce Work Downtime to Caregiver Staff from Injuries.

All transfers meet or exceed the OSHA Safe Patient Handling Recommendations and Limits.

Dramatically Improve Caregiver Staff Morale and Attitude towards patient handling.

Large Group Training Discounts Available!

Get Started With The Swivel Caregiver Toolkit

Prepares Caregiver's for Performing Proper Patient Transfers

Includes the Swivel transfer disc, basic online membership with training videos, documentation and support for 1 year.

Swivel Training Courses in No Lift Safe Patient Transfers

Swivel Training Courses in No Lift Safe Patient Transfers


Instructor-Led Training | Online Resource Library | Course Review | Testing & Certification

Instructor-Led Training

Our instructor-led Nolift Transfers safe patient training course includes lessons and techniques designed by an experienced industry expert.

Online Testing Center

We provide you and your staff with a complete curriculum including course practicals, online quiz, and certification.

Administrator Reporting

You as admin will either be provided monthly reporting of student progress or will have access to pull the reports on demand.

Coaching Online

Library includes videos of all of our transfer techniques, safety checklists for various staff, faq's, and a help center.

Testing Center with Certification

Our system keeps track of every staff members exam score, progress, and certifications.

Cloud Management & Quality Support

No need to have your IT department install software, create quizzes, and schedule backups. We do all the heavy lifting for you, and are here to help when needed!

Kathi McKinney, RN, BSN, CNO Labette Health
Our nursing staff as well as our physical therapy department has found this training to be a very positive...
Susan Ratcliff, RN Director of Education Memorial Hermann Katy
We appreciate all of the hours of instruction for the Skills Enhancement program you developed for our facility. We...
Trish Berns RN, CNO Memorial Health System Abilene, Kansas
We had Rick Carbaugh in to provide transfer training for our staff. Many were skeptical at first wondering what...

Request a Mr Swivel Training Class

Upon course completion, your healthcare staff will be properly trained to safely perform all the major patient transfers.

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